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NCV Testing Systems

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NCV Testing System Description

When you are choosing nerve conduction velocity test equipment, you will want to make sure that you understand exactly how it works and have only trained professionals apply the electrodes to the patients and handle the readouts. You should also consider the interface of the machine, and whether it is portable. Also, consider how many electrodes you might need.

Features of ncv testing systems

These types of tests are usually going to include electrodes that will attach to a patient’s body through the use of patches that go onto the surface of the skin. One of the electrodes will issue a mild electrical impulse, which will then be measured and recorded by other electrodes on the body along the length of the nerve. The distance between the electrodes and the time that the impulse takes to travel are measured.

How ncv testing systems work

The measurement can indicate to the medical professional whether there might be some type of potential nerve disease occurring, or if there could be pressure on the nerve that is not normal. These tests are usually done at the same time as an electromyogram. These tests can help to find nerve issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, for example.

About ncv testing systems

When trying to determine the capability of a nerve to conduct an impulse, doctors will conduct what is called a nerve conduction velocity test, also called an NCV test. This type of electrical test can help to determine whether a patient is suffering from a nerve injury. NCV testing equipment will typically use electrical stimulation as a means to determine the condition of the nerve. It creates an electrical pulse and will then measure the stimulus in the nerve as it travels through the body.

NCV Testing System Manufacturers

Many companies are manufacturing different types of NCV testing equipment today. Some of the popular companies include Neurostyle and NCC.

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