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Medical Air Compressors

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Medical Air Compressor

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Features of medical air compressors

Some of the most popular types of medical air compressors include base mounted, tank mounted, mounted aftercoolers, desiccant or refrigerated dryers, as well as modular designed systems for easier transportation. The modular options are highly popular because it tends to be far easier to get them through the hallways and to other rooms when needed, as well as for the initial setup for that matter.

When it comes time to choose the compressor that you want to rent, you need to think about what your hospital or clinic will be using them for. Many will find that they may need to have a number of these medical air compressors available. They come in many different sizes and can be used for different applications.
You may need to have an air compressor to ensure the patient is breathing and comfortable during surgery, for example. They can also be used to ensure that there is pure air coming into the clinic, as there are often larger air compressors within the ventilation system. They are a very important part of many different areas of the hospital.

As mentioned, consider the size as well and whether you will need to transport it from room to room. There are a number of air compressors on the market including those from Kaeser and Powerex. They have different types of compressors that can suit many of your needs. You can also find compressors from other manufacturers that could work for you as well.

How medical air compressors work

Different types of systems can be used for different purposes. They can allow for the transportation of inhaled medications and anesthesia. They can be used for mechanical ventilation for those who are in respiratory distress, and to power critical care ventilators.

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