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Electrotherapy System Description

If you want to have an electrotherapy system, or more than one, for your clinic, you must consider the types of patients you will be treating to make sure you are getting the right type of device. Do you want to consider one of the ultrasound options, or would you rather have a TENS unit? What works best with your patients? Perhaps you would like to have one or more of each system in place, so you can treat a range of different patients.

In addition to making certain that you have a quality machine that is right for your patients, you will also want to consider the features and options the machine has. How many different parameters will you be able to set? More parameters often mean having more versatility and options with the treatment, allowing you to perform different types of therapies all with a single machine. In fact, some of the machines will offer a combination system, so you can have the ultrasound and the stimulator all in just one machine.

Also, consider the interface of the machine. You should strive to find a machine that is simple to use and operate, even if you have just one hand free at the time. The features should be easy to use and understand, and there should be a very shallow learning curve with the electrotherapy systems. Consider where the machine will be placed, too. Some may come in a stand, while others can sit on a tabletop.

How electrotherapy systems work

Electrotherapy is a common type of treatment today in sports medicine and other types of recuperative and rehabilitative treatment. It can be used for nerve pain, muscle pain, and more, and it can be quite effective. The treatment is simple. It utilizes small electrical impulses that are delivered, sometimes to the skin, through the body via different types of electrotherapy systems. They can help to repair tissues, increase sensation and strength in different areas, and stimulate the muscles.

About electrotherapy systems

There are several different types of electrotherapy provided today including ultrasound and TENS therapy. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, and this electrical stimulus is delivered through the skin. The therapy has a range of benefits for many different types of patients suffering from different problems and conditions.

Electrotherapy System Manufacturers

A wide range of companies are making electrotherapy systems today. Some of the popular manufacturers include Johari Digital, FEI, and Chattanooga.

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