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Cryosurgical Systems

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Cryosurgical System

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How cryosurgical systems work

​There are a range of options available for rent and lease when it comes to cryosurgical systems. The machines tend to be relatively small, and they have many different types and sizes of tips that can allow the machine to be utilized for different purposes. The basics of the system tend to be the same though – utilizing cold to help remove problem tissue.

About cryosurgical systems

Cryosurgery is a specialized type of surgical technique that utilizes extreme cold as a means of removing and destroying diseased or abnormal tissue. Over the years, it has been used to treat a wide range of issues, including removal of precancerous lesions and tumors on the skin. In some cases, tumors inside of the body can be treated this way, as well. 

Cryosurgical System Manufacturers

Many companies today make cryosurgical systems. Manufacturers include Keeler, MedGyn, cooper Surgical, Wallach, Bovie, SMT, Epimed, Cryoalfa, Cryo Concepts, and Cooltouch.

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