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Bone Sonometers

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Bone Sonometer Description

When you need to test patients for osteoporosis, the procedure does not necessarily have to be invasive. Many are choosing to use a device called a bone sonometer instead. These are capable of providing you with highly accurate assessments of the bone when looking for conditions such as osteoporosis, and for monitoring the condition. The news devices on the market feature ultrasound, and they are the preferred method of measuring bone density today.

These are beneficial for the patients because they are noninvasive, and the body is not subjected to radioactive waves, as it could be with other types of imaging devices. For those who have been trained, they are easy to use and can provide fast results.

Features of bone sonometers

There are a number of different types of sonometer available, but they tend to work very similarly and have similar features. They are noninvasive and free of radiation. Many of them have built-in patient data management and can provide printed reports. The systems also tend to be smaller than many people think, and they do not take up more space than most desktop computers. They also happen to be very easy to use, and many include practice modes as well as training materials. Before using them with a patient, you need to make sure you know how to use this type of machine properly though.

If you are in the market for a bone sonometer rental, you will want to check out the features available with each of the devices you are considering. You also need to check the size and see whether it is portable or not. In some cases, you may only need to keep it in a single room, so portability might not matter. However, some clinics will want a device that is smaller and easier for the users to take around with them from room to room.

How bone sonometers work

All of the sonometers, whether they are the traditional sort or the new ultrasound models, use the same principles for measuring the bone density. They will measure the frequency and oscillation of the bone. The newer models are able to measure density at multiple sites on the body.

Bone Sonometer Manufacturers

Some of the popular options for bone sonometers are from Sunlight Omnisense, Sahara, UBIS, and Hologic. There are other manufacturers making these types of bone sonometers as well.

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