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Blood Recovery Systems

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Features of blood recovery systems

The process is simple, but you do need to have a quality machine. During the surgery, the patient’s blood goes into a reservoir in the machine. The blood is then filtered, which will remove debris that could be contaminating it. The machine then adds an anticoagulant to the blood to make sure it does not clot. This collected blood is processed via a centrifuge on the blood recovery system. The red cells are separated from the other material in the blood and they are washed to remove the dead cells that can’t carry oxygen. The anticoagulant is also removed during this stage. After the wash is complete, the red cells are placed in a collection bag, and then they are returned to the patient.

This process will ensure that the blood is safe and that it is free from infection. This can give the patient, and the hospital, peace of mind.

How blood recovery systems work

The blood recovery system utilizes the patient’s own blood in the transfusion through an IV drip. This is commonly used when a patient is going through surgery. Their blood goes into the system and is then “dripped” back into their body. This could occur during or after the surgery.

About blood recovery systems

Doctors who deal with trauma that results in a medium to high amount of blood loss will want to make sure they have quality blood recovery systems available to help their patients. In many cases, it is better to utilize the patient’s own blood than it is to get a transfusion, and it may not always be possible to have the right blood type on hand. The blood recovery systems can help to alleviate this problem.

Blood Recovery System Manufacturers

Some of the companies making blood recovery systems today include Haemonetics, Cobe Brat, Dideco, and Fresenius. Many options are available that could work well for your site's needs.

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