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Features of viscometers

viscometer rentalDifferent types of viscometers have different features. The capillary viscometers, also called u-tube and glass viscometers, are very common in the lab, and may well be the type of device you need. With this option, you will determine viscosity based on how long it takes the transparent liquid to flow between spots in the tube. You would want to use a reverse flow viscometer for liquids that are opaque. Though the types and size of these items differ, all of them tend to have similar input controls and features.

How viscometers work

There are many different types of viscometers available, and they tend to work in two different basic ways to measure viscosity. Some of the items have a rotor blade, or a sphere, move through the liquid. Other times, the material will flow past a stationary object. Despite this minor difference, you measure the resistance to the flow in both cases. This will provide you with the viscosity of the substance in question.

About viscometers

A viscometer is an instrument in use in labs that will measure the viscosity of fluid. It is important to remember that viscometers are only used to measure fluids when they are under one flow condition. In order to measure fluids with viscosities that differ based on the flow condition, you would need to use a rheometer. Measuring viscosity is important whenever fluid needs to be pumped or needs to flow. Industries such as the food industry, paint industry, and petroleum industry use these methods.

Viscometer Applications

  • Food industry
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical industry
  • Research and development

Viscometer Manufacturers

  • Anton Paar
  • Fungliab
  • Malvern Instruments
  • RheoSense
  • Thermo Fisher
  • UIC, Inc.

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