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Laboratory Reactors

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Laboratory Reactors

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Features of laboratory reactors

Before renting a laboratory reactor, you need to consider your application and then figure out which style will suit your lab the best. You may find that you need to have several different reactors based on the type of work you are doing. If you are choosing a stirred reactor, you will need to make sure that the operating pressure is amenable to your needs. Controlling the temperatures in high-pressure vessels can be more difficult. They can often reach as high as 300 degrees C. Consider the pressures you will need before renting one of these devices.

In addition to the operating pressure, you should consider the size of the vessel to be sure it will work with your project. The laboratory reactors come in sizes that can accommodate vessels up to five gallons. Once you know the size you need, you then need to think about the material that you will want for your reactor. The one you choose is often dependent on the amount of corrosive resistance you will need.

How laboratory reactors work

There are a number of different types of lab reactors available including stirred, high-pressure, and mini-reactors, as well as continuous flow tubular reactors. These types of reactors can be jacketed with a circulating fluid, or it can be externally heated. Plenty of other options are available as well for other types of applications such as organic, parallel, and microwave synthesizers.

The material for reactors can vary. They are typically made from substances such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloys, or borosilicate glass. There are reactors that should work well for nearly any type of situation or projects you might encounter in the lab.

Laboratory Reactor Manufacturers

A number of companies make laboratory reactors today. Some popular brands include HEL, Berghof Products, JULABO, USA, Inc., IKA, and Parr Instrument Company.

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