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Laboratory Mixer Description

A laboratory mixer is a machine that actually works similarly to a mixer that you might find for food or paint. However, there are some major differences, so you can't just switch out one for the other. The goal of the machine is to mix up various items in the lab.

Features of laboratory mixers

Even though there are a number of different laboratory mixers on the market, and each may be slightly different, they tend to have similar features. Some of the standard features for laboratory mixers include bowls, mixing rods, and choppers. However, there are also smaller laboratory mixers and shakers that work on a much smaller scale.

Many of the modern mixers are completely programmable. They provide the user with the ability to store up to 100 different mixing programs. This makes performing work much faster and easier. The mixers also have audible alerts and countdown timers for when the mixing program is completing.

Most of these devices also happen to be quite easy to use, as they now have touchscreen interfaces. They can work with a number of different types of samples, as well as plates and tubes. Some of the mixers even have heated lids that offer direct contact, which has the potential to reduce evaporation.

The laboratory mixer that you choose is going to depend on the types of work and experiments you are conducting in the lab. In some cases, you might need a relatively large mixer. Other times, you only need something that has a small footprint and that works with small samples. When you are choosing the mixer, find one that will make your job easier. If you need an option that can store a large number of different mixing programs, then that would be an ideal mixer to rent. If you need a mixer that has a large capacity, then that is something you want to look for.

In addition to renting the laboratory mixer itself, you may need to rent or lease some different types of accessories as well. Accessories you may need include mixing rods, vessels, and similar items. Some of the optional features that may be available in some cases include insulated bowls video monitoring, liquid addition systems, gravity or vacuum loading systems, and more.

Laboratory Mixer Manufacturers

Quite a few companies today are making laboratory mixers. Some of the names with which you are likely familiar include Cole-Parmer and UMANG.

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