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Laboratory Chillers

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Laboratory Chillers

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Features of laboratory chillers

The main features of a chiller include a temperature controller, a reservoir, and a re-circulating pump. You can use the temperature controller as a means to keep the temperature stable once you start it up. Many different types of chillers are available for tent, including water cooled chillers and air cooled chillers. There also happen to be portable chillers available, which are on casters. These casters make it easy to relocate the device quickly and relatively easily. This makes it possible to use a single chiller to cool multiple devices that generate heat.

How laboratory chillers work

chiller laboratory rentalThe device removes heat from one element, such as water, and then transfers that heat to another element, generally the air or water. They utilize a compressor cooling system that works in a way very similarly to air conditioning units. However, instead of cooling the air, the goal of the chiller is to cool the water. Operating the device is relatively simply. You simply need to fill up the reservoir with the fluid that needs to be re-circulated, such as water. Add the plumbing between the chiller and the application, and then provide power. The controller will handle all of the functions of the chiller.

About laboratory chillers

The goal of the chiller is to remove heat from a liquid through the process of absorption or vapor compression. They are able to deliver the right ventilation, humidity, and temperature to the space. These devices are useful in a number of different industries and fields around the world today.

Laboratory Chiller Applications

A device used to regulate desired temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
  • Plastic industry
  • Welding
  • Chemical processing
  • Power
  • Analytics
  • MRI machinery

Laboratory Chiller Manufacturers

  • Thermo Scientific
  • Merlin
  • Dynalab
  • SP Scientific
  • JC Younger

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