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Hematology Analyzers

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Hematology Analyzer

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Features of hematology analyzers

There are many different types of hematology analyzers on the market today. Even though the basics are the same – they analyze blood – there are a number of differences.

The features and options can vary, for example. Some of the automatic analyzers have three-part differentiation while others may have five-part differentiation. Some of them will have a variety of different parameters. Some of the analyzers will have touch screens, some may have auto loaders, laser scattering, laser flow cytometry, and more. Naturally, because there are so many options, the features can vary substantially.

Choosing the Hematology Analyzer
When it comes time to choose your hematology analyzer, you need to stop and think about exactly how your lab will be using it and who will be using. What is it that you need to measure? How often do you need to use it? Would it be a good idea to have more than one of these devices in the lab? Always take the time to look at the features and options, and check the footprint of the device. This will let you know whether it will fit in your laboratory on the bench top or not.

Hematology Analyzer Manufacturers

Many medical manufacturers make hematology analyzers today. Some of the most popular of these analyzers include Horiba, SFRI Medical Diagnostics, DyMind Biotech, Cormay, Diconex, Swissavans AG, Caretium, Idexx, Erb, Boule, and Diatron.

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