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Gel And Blot Imagers

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Gel and Blot Imagers

  On average, gel and blot imagers rent 5.4 months for:


For 60 months
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  • $447

  • $447



For 48 months
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  • $527

  • $527



For 36 months
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  • $662

  • $662

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Features of gel and blot imagers

There are many different types of imagers available. The features are often very similar from one brand and model to another, but it is important to understand the instructions for using each imager you are considering. Most of the options on the market today provide high performance imaging capabilities by offering a similar sensitivity to film without all of the issues that film has. They will often come with software as well, so you can improve the imaging and quantitative process.

They work very quickly as well, and are capable of providing users with high quality images in a matter of seconds. One of the best features is that many of the options on the market use stain-free gel technology for better results.

Most of the options on the market today have a relatively small footprint. This means they should be capable of fitting in with most lab environments, even for labs that are relatively small. They tend to be easy to use as well. Of course, it is essential that you understand the basics of gel and blot imaging before beginning to use one of these tools in order to get the best and most accurate results.

When you are choosing your imager, it is important to look at the individual features that the rental or lease offers. While the imagers may work similarly, different brands may have various options, features, and technology. Understand your specific applications and how you will be using the gel and blot imager most of the time. Then, you can choose the model that will work the best for you and your lab’s needs.

Gel and Blot Imager Manufacturers

Bio-Rad, Azure Biosystems, SYNGENE, UVItec Limited, and UVP are some of the manufacturers offering these types of imagers.

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