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Freeze Dryer Description

When you are choosing a freeze dryer, one of the first things to consider will be the size of your laboratory and the size of the dryer. If you have a larger lab or greater needs, you might need to choose a dryer that is larger than the benchtop version. You should also check to see what types of features and controls are offered through the unit to make sure it is capable of meeting your needs.

When you start to look for a freeze dryer for your laboratory, you will find quite a few options available. These dryers are available in many configurations, shapes, and styles from a range of manufacturers. While many of these are utilized in labs, they can also be used in the home, as many people freeze dry fruits and vegetables. Make sure that your lab rental or lease is rated for lab use.


Features of freeze dryers

One of the most common types of freeze dryers utilized in the laboratory is called a benchtop vacuum freeze dryer. Thanks to its relatively compact size, this can be a good option for even small laboratories in need of a freeze dryer. The smaller size of these benchtop units also means they tend to produce less noise than some larger units. In addition to the benchtop units, there are larger options, as well. These include a pilot vacuum freeze dryer and pharmaceutical freeze dryers.

Most of the units today also happen to be easy to operate, and many will have simple to read digital displays. While they are simple to use, it is always important to understand the layout and instructions of the machine to ensure proper use and to preserve the integrity of the samples.

About freeze dryers

The items that go into the freeze dryer, whatever they might be, will undergo a freezing and drying process, which can help to preserve them for the long-term. With some elements, after water has been added to the items, they can maintain their chemical and biological characteristics.

Freeze Dryer Manufacturers

Some of the popular manufacturers who make freeze dryers today include Toption Lab, Telstar, and Spectrum. Plenty of options are available, and you can find some great choices for rental.

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