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Electrophoresis System Description

When you are renting an electrophoresis system, you need to take a number of things under consideration before submitting your request for quote to the KWIPPED supplier network. You need to consider the detection method that the system uses, and the type of analysis it can offer. Choosing a system that works with your sample volume is important as well. You will also need to have a power supply to attach to the system. Make sure to tell your KWIPPED supplier if you do not have a power supply of your own. If you do not, check to see if the suppliers can include one in the quote. The systems are relatively small, so space should not be much of a concern. 

Features of electrophoresis systems

Different types of machines will have varying features, naturally. It all comes down to the manufacturer in terms of what they choose to offer. The machines tend to have easy to use controls, and hooking them up to a power supply is nice and simple. The box has a cavity where you will place the running buffer. The box also has a lid, which you will use to cover the box when you are running your samples through it.

How electrophoresis systems work

electrophoresis system rentalThere are two different types of model available when it comes to electrophoresis systems – horizontal and pulse field. The system applies an electrical field to the sample, which moves the negatively charged molecules through a tube or gel, depending on the type of system you are using. The shorter molecules tend to move faster and go further than the longer molecules. This is because they are able to move more easily through the pores in the gel.

About electrophoresis systems

An electrophoresis system separates RNA, DNA, and protein. It does this based on several different factors including electrical charge, mass, and size. These systems are very beneficial in a number of different types of laboratory settings, particularly those that deal regularly with DNA and RNA. It allows the user to determine the exact sizes of the DNA samples as well, which is very helpful.

Electrophoresis System Applications

  • Sample screening
  • Restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP)
  • Southern blotting

Electrophoresis System Manufacturers

  • Thermo Scientific
  • Bio-Rad
  • Life Technologies
  • CBS Scientific

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