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Digestion Systems

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Features of digestion systems

There are many different types of digestion system available today including pressure digestion machines, heating blocks for digestion, microwave digestion, and more. There are many applications where these systems can be used today. They are important in the food industry, the environmental field, clinical settings, the pharmaceutical field, and in materials testing industries.

The various types of digestion systems each have benefits, which could make them a good solution for different needs. For example, the primary benefit of using the microwave digestion system is the speed at which it can complete the digestion. They tend to have high temperatures, which means that when the action takes place inside of a sealed vessel, it is often possible to complete the digestion in less than half an hour.

Additionally, there are microwave options that have open vessel systems available, which are a good option for atmospheric digestion. Heating blocks are often used because they can handle a large number of samples with relative ease and without too much in the way of supervision.

The other option, pressure digestion, is often helpful for samples that might be hard to digest using other methods. They also tend to be a good option for those who are working with large sample masses.

About digestion systems

Digestion systems in a laboratory setting refer to the setups that are used to create artificial digestion of a range of different types of materials. They are utilized as a means to provide digestion to a wide range of materials in the lab.

Digestion System Manufacturers

Many companies are making digestion systems that can be utilized in a laboratory setting today. Berghof Products makes a pressure digestion system that can work well for materials that tend to be hard to digest. They also make microwave digesters. Some of the other companies making systems in this field, particularly microwave digestion systems, include CEM Corporation, Anton Paar, Aurora Biomed, Milestone, Inc., Parr and Instrument Company.

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