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Features of desiccators

In addition to the typical desiccators that are available, there are also vacuum desiccators. These will have a stopcock that is build into them, and that will allow the air that is inside the desiccator to be removed, which creates the vacuum and provides the lower levels of humidity in the device.

How desiccators work

Using the desiccator is very simple whether you are working with a cabinet or a pot. They will have a door or a lid, which can be opened or removed to insert objects that you will need to keep in dry and moisture free. There is typically a removable platform in the unit, as well, and it is below that platform where you will place the desiccant.

It is important to remember to change out the desiccant when it needs it, or else moisture can start to accumulate.

About desiccators

A desiccator used in the laboratory is typically a cabinet or a pot that is used as a means to remove and absorb water vapors from hygroscopic chemical reagents. This allows you to place items into the chamber of the desiccator with the drying agents, and that object is going to remain dry. Sometimes, you will hear these items called desiccant dryers.

Desiccator Manufacturers

Companies that are manufacturing desiccators today include Lab Safety Supply, Control Company, SP Scienceware, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Cole-Parmer.

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