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Chart Recorders

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Features of chart recorders

The main features of the device include the paper, the pens or other mechanism used to mark on the paper, and the chart housing. Given the different types of chart recorders available, including some of the fully computerized models, there are a number of different options and features associated with them. This becomes very important when you are trying to locate one that will work right for your application.

How chart recorders work

chart recorder rentalThere are three different types of charts – strip, circular, and roll. The chart recorder takes data and then uses some type of marking mechanism to record it on a piece of paper. In strip charts used today, the recorder uses a pen and ink reservoir. Some of the chart recorders use thermally sensitive paper and a heated pen to make the marks, and others use electrical signals on electro-sensitive paper. The charts typically use a galvanometer to drive the marker. However, there are also a number of modern recorders that are making use of embedded computers systems that feature a microcontroller, a printing device, and an analog to digital converter.

About chart recorders

A chart recorder is a type of electromechanical device capable or recording data for documentation onto paper charters. The recorders are sometimes capable of recording from several different inputs at the same time. They can utilize different colored pens on strip charts or circular charts. The different colored pens represent the different types of data that the chart is recording, which can make it easy to differentiate at a glance. Some of the older types of chart recorders that were available were entirely clockwork devices. Today, they tend to have both electric and mechanical components to them, and they are at use in a large number of industries.

Chart Recorder Applications

  • Dairy 
  • Textile and food machinery
  • Industrial ovens
  • Environmental chambers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metalworking
  • Industrial furnaces

Chart Recorder Manufacturers

  • CoBex Recorders
  • Chart Pool USA
  • Dewit
  • M&M Control
  • Keco Engineered Controls
  • Mod-Tronic Instruments Limited
  • Newport Scientific, Inc

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