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Cell Separators

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Cell Separators

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Features of cell separators

There are several cell separation techniques in use today. They include adherence, density, antibody binding, and newer “lab-on-a-chip” methods. The type of cell separation that is used is typically going to be dependent on the cell source, along with the characteristics of the cell type, and how pure it has to be. The adhesion method is often used in cases where there is no real requirement other than having the adherent cells isolated.

About cell separators

In the realm of biological research, cell separation is an important technique that has been gaining favor and usage over the years. The use of cell separators helps those who are working in the fields of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, medical and biological research, cancer therapy, and more. It has helped to further discoveries in the field of cell biology. It is possible to sort cells into populations and makes it easier to study individual types of cells that have been isolated from other populations.

Cell Separator Manufacturers

Some of the many manufacturers that are making cell separators today include Gambro, Coulter, Biocell, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Jain Laboratory Instruments. There are many options from these and other companies that could work well for your needs.

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