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Blood Chemistry Analyzers

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Blood Chemistry Analyzer Description

A blood chemistry analyzer rental or lease requires quite a bit of thought, as you need to know what type of testing you will be doing and how much of it. If you will need to analyze a number of samples at the same time, you need a device that can accommodate this. Keep in mind that some of the analyzers are able to perform a number of different tests, and others will only be capable of performing a single type of test. Some of the other things that you will want to consider when you are renting your blood chemistry analyzer are the sample size, data storage, and portability.

Features of blood chemistry analyzers

It is important to remember that since there are different types of machines offering different tests, it is important to learn about the features of each machine you are considering. Still, the majority of the machines will have some similarities when it comes to the features. They will have readouts and displays, for example. Some of the machines are large and will likely stay in a single location in the lab. Others are smaller, and are actually portable so you can take them with you.

How blood chemistry analyzers work

blood chemistry analyzer rentalThe user will place a blood sample into the analyzer, which can then run a single test, or a series of tests based on the type of machine it is. Some of the different types of tests that it can run include cell counts, ion and voltage differences, and enzyme activity. Depending on the machine and the type of test, it may require differing amounts of a blood sample to complete the test.

About blood chemistry analyzers

A blood chemistry analyzer is a device used to determine the components found in blood. They are in use in many different environments today including hospitals and clinics, laboratories, forensics units, and even at home. It is possible to use the device to check for a wide range of different things, including blood type, protein analysis, presence of antibodies, blood cell counts, therapeutic drug monitoring, and more. Those who are using these analyzers at home often use them to monitor for cholesterol and glucose.

Blood Chemistry Analyzer Applications

  • Hospital 
  • Medical Lab
  • Forensics
  • Home
  • Clinics

Blood Chemistry Analyzer Manufacturers

  • Aglient Technologies, Inc.
  • Horiba Instruments, Inc.
  • EquipNet, Inc.
  • Bio-Rad
  • Abacus Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Bayer Corp.

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