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  On average, animal research equipments rent 24.4 months for:


For 60 months
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  • $258

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  • $305

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  • $383

  • $383

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Features of animal research equipments

Every lab and clinic is different, which means your needs may differ from everyone else’s. Think about what you will be doing in the lab and make a list of the different pieces of equipment that you will need. You can then more easily figure out which items you will need to rent or lease to accommodate your needs.

When choosing the equipment, you also have to consider the size of the animals. The equipment that you use should be geared toward the types of animals you will have in the lab.

How animal research equipments work

An animal transfer station could be a good addition to your equipment. These are able to help control allergens and contaminants from getting into the air including dander and bedding. Using a transfer station can make it easier to keep these contaminants to a minimum. Biological safety cabinets are another option. They are also helpful for reducing particulates from animals, such as dander, from entering the air.

An animal isolator is another piece of equipment that your lab might need. These are useful whenever you need to isolate a group of animals for one reason or another. Transportation and quarantining are just two possibilities.

Examination tables are another necessity for most labs and clinics that work with animals. They provide you with a workspace when examining animals. Some of the other types of equipment that your lab may need include infusion devices, pumps, temperature probes, telemetry devices, imaging equipment, and blood sampling devices.

Animal Research Equipment Manufacturers

There are many different companies offering animal research equipment. You may find that you need to rent different pieces that come from different manufacturers to get everything you need. Some of the companies offering this type of equipment include NuAire, Able Scientific, Bioseb, Aston Pharma, LabRepCo, LLC, LEEC Limited, Lithgow Laboratory Service, and Med-Vet International.

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