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Features of chipper/shredders

Chipper/shredders will have a chute for feeding branches and twigs into the machine and a larger hopper on the top to dump clippings and leaves.  Inside the machine is some combination of blades, knives, and hammers to break down the yard waste.  The ejection site may have a bag attachment.  An engine powers the movement of the blades and wheels allow the chipper/shredder to be moved to the worksite.  Some chipper/shredders have a hitch so they can be pulled behind a vehicle.

How chipper/shredders work

Yard waste is fed into a hopper or chute on the chipper/shredder then hammers and blades cut the waste into small pieces.  The small pieces are ejected out the side of the chipper/shredder.  Many models have a bag attachment to collect the shredded yard waste.

About chipper/shredders

Chippers and shredders are used to turn yard waste into small pieces.  Creating mulch and compostable pieces make it easier to reuse or dispose of your yard waste.  The names chipper and shredder are used somewhat interchangeably although chipper tends to refer to the portion of the machine that cuts branches and shredder refers to the part that tears up leaves and grass clippings.

Chipper/Shredder Applications

  • Branches
  • Twigs
  • Leaves
  • Grass

Chipper/Shredder Manufacturers

  • Troy-bilt
  • DR
  • NorTrac
  • Merry Mac

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