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Vibration Meters

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Vibration Meter Description

It is important to know the acceptable range of vibrations for your device under test before renting and using a vibration meter.  This information will help you rent or lease a meter that is calibrated correctly for your testing needs.  Vibration meters are available that display a variety of information about the vibrations, so determine your data needs and speak with your KWIPPED network supplier to rent or lease an appropriate model.

Features of vibration meters

All vibration meters will have a sensor, internal electronics for converting the vibrations to an electric signal, and a display screen.  USB ports, SD cards, and interchangeable probes are options on various models. 

How vibration meters work

A sensor on one end of the vibration meter is pressed against the device under test.  This sensor could also be attached to the meter with wires to allow for usage in tight spaces.  The vibrations of the device are calculated and the frequency is displayed on a screen.  Most models also include data storage.

About vibration meters

Vibration meters are used in preventative maintenance of machinery and motors.  They measure the vibrations and oscillations of the device under test, including acceleration, velocity, and displacement.  Extra vibrations can be caused by imbalances in rotating parts, friction, broken bolts/bearings/couplings, and other problems with machine parts.  A vibration meter can be used to detect these extra vibrations before the problem becomes too severe.  They are also used to protect workers who must come into contact with the vibrations in their work environment.  The human body is susceptible to vibrations and can be negatively affected by them.

Vibration Meter Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory
  • Construction
  • Engineering

Vibration Meter Manufacturers

  • Fluke
  • Extech
  • TPI
  • PCB Instruments

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