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Stroboscope Description

What are some of the biggest factors you have to consider when you are renting or leasing stroboscopes, or any type of environmental test tool for that matter? You need to make sure you are working with a device that can provide you with accurate measurements. Always choose a quality option that has a good reputation. In addition, you want to find those that are going to work well for the specific type of work you are doing.

Features of stroboscopes

Two main types of stroboscope are in use today – mechanical and electronic. While they have the same goals, they work somewhat differently. Many find the electronic options easier to use, but it will depend on the user’s purpose and needs in most cases.

How stroboscopes work

The devices will typically have a lamp or flashtube that will create flashes of light, or strobes, to help take the measurement. Others might have a rotating disk that has holes or slots in it to help take the measurements. These stroboscopes are often used to measure vibrating strings, as well as machine parts. In addition, they are used to set the timing light for engines. They have been used to view vocal cords in medical settings to diagnose different issues, and they have been used in turntables, as well.

About stroboscopes

A stroboscope is a type of instrument often used in environmental testing, which can study periodic motions, or take measurements to determine the speed of cyclic motion. This could be vibration or rotation, for example. However, they can also measure frequency. With many of the options available today, you will find that it is possible to adjust the tool to various frequencies. 

Stroboscope Manufacturers

When you are searching for stroboscopes, you will find many manufacturers creating these tools today. Some of the companies include Otrofan, Inc., Rixen Technology, Duncan Instruments Canada Limited, Sitech, and ISE, Inc.

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