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Sound Level Meters

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Sound Level Meter Description

There are four types or classes of sound level meters, each of which meets a different level of international standards.  Type 0 is the highest quality and will provide the most accurate readings.  Type 1 is slightly less accurate, yet will still give high precision readings.  Type 2 is not lab quality, but is good for general sound level meter use.  Type 3 is the least expensive and least accurate class; it is still useful for rough surveying or preliminary measurements.  Your KWIPPED network supplier can help you decide which type class is best for your needs.

Features of sound level meters

Sound level meters have digital displays that give the sound pressure level in decibels.  The microphone is set on top of the meter to minimize interference.  The rest of the meter is in a hand-held size box.

How sound level meters work

A microphone on the top of the meter receives the sound sample.  Inside the meter itself are electronic circuits that are used to amplify, filter, and analyze the sample.  Meters that give a reading of the current sound pressure level are the most common.  Integrating meters, which give a summation of the readings over time, require more complex internal mechanisms.  Data logging meters take measurements at intervals over time.

About sound level meters

Sound level meters are used to measure the sound pressure level.  They are used to detect and study noise pollution for the protection of the people around the sound.  This protection is necessary in industrial locations where machinery produces loud noises.

Sound Level Meter Applications

  • Industry
  • Aviation
  • Acoustics
  • Manufacturing

Sound Level Meter Manufacturers

  • Larson Davis
  • Extech
  • NTi Audio
  • PCE Instruments

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