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Remediation Equipment Description

Remediation equipment is used to help return a site or land to the way it was before construction, an accident, or something else caused an upset in the natural balance. This type of equipment is often used in areas where there has been construction, and oil fields, in buildings and homes that have been flooded and that may have mold, in areas where the soil has been contaminated, and more. This is a very important job, as cleaning up the environment and making the land safe and usable once again is essential.

Remediation equipment is capable of removing contaminants and pollution from the soil, as well as the water. When it comes to the water, remediation can remove these contaminants from surface water as well as groundwater. Cleanup can be a challenge though and it is important to have the correct remediation equipment on hand. This is especially true if a site has hazardous waste that it needs to clean up.

Features of remediation equipments

There are a number of different types of remediation equipment, and the ones needed for various jobs will depend on the site and the situation. Some of the most common types of remediation equipment include air strippers, soil vapor extractors, thermal and catalytic oxidizers, air sparge systems, and oil water separators.

Because there are so many different types of equipment, it means that the features offered on the different pieces of equipment and the brands and models will vary substantially. An air sparge system, for example, will include things such as flow meters, air compressors, and control panels.

When you are choosing remediation equipment to rent, it becomes very important to understand exactly what it is you are cleaning up so you can choose the right type of equipment. Depending on whether you are trying to clean groundwater or surface water, or the soil, or even all of the above, you need to have equipment that can handle the job. When renting, take the time to see what machines and equipment are offered and look at the features they include. Then, you can feel more comfortable knowing that you are renting the correct machine for your cleanup.


Remediation Equipment Manufacturers

A number of different manufacturers make this type of equipment today. Some of the most popular of these manufacturers include Product Level Control, Inc., Mid-Atlantic Environmental Equipment, Water Equipment Services, Inc., Toro, LNS, and Mercer International.

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