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Radiation Meter Description

Before renting a radiation meter determine the specifications of your workspace and your data collection needs.  Personal radiation meters that can be worn and detect the danger to an individual are available as are larger radiation meters that can be installed more permanently to measure a larger area.  Some meters are set up for continuous monitoring and others make periodic checks for radiation.  

Features of radiation meters

The radiation meter that you rent or lease from the KWIPPED network of suppliers will have probes to detect radiation, the inner workings described in the How Radiation Meters Work section, and a display unit.  The display usually presents the data as a rate/second.  Units with an audio speaker that emits a sound when radiation reaches a set level are available.  Radiation meters with analog, needle display units are available as are newer digital, LCD displays.

How radiation meters work

There are several types of radiation meters including Geiger counters, radiation spectrum analyzers, and a few kinds of dosimeters. 
Geiger counter – a high voltage is applied to a tube of inert gas with low pressure, when radiation is present the tube will conduct an electrical charge. 
Spectrum analyzer – measure exposure rate and identifies the isotopes emitting radiation.
Film badge dosimeter – film absorbs radiation, which is shown when the film is developed.
Quartz fiber dosimeter – gas in a chamber is ionized by radiation, when it is charged with voltage, the charge leaks when radiation is present.
Thermoluminescent dosimeter – measures the intensity of visible light when the crystal in the detector is heated, light intensity is dependent on radiation present.

About radiation meters

Radiation meters are used to detect radiation and ensure the safety of the people working and living near the potential source of radiation.  They are used in hospitals around machines that use radiation and ensure the levels are not dangerous.  Laboratories and factories use radiation meters to ensure worker safety when radiation is created.  

Radiation Meter Applications

  • Medicine
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Physics

Radiation Meter Manufacturers

  • HQ Precision Instruments
  • Lutron
  • SE International

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