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Features of portable spectrophotometers

Portable spectrophotometers will have a light source, detector, and display screen.  Many will have a handle for one-handed use.  There will be controls to allow the operator to set the wavelength of the light in order to detect the colors desired.  Portable spectrophotometers that connect with computer software are also available from the KWIPPED network of suppliers.

How portable spectrophotometers work

A beam of light is shone through a sample.  A detector is used to measure the light that passes through the sample or is reflected from the sample.  These measurements are used to calculate the amount of the light that was absorbed by the sample.  The amount absorbed is proportional to the amount of absorbent material in the sample, which determines the color.  Portable spectrophotometers can be used on a variety of materials including solids like paper, plastic, textiles, and liquids like paint and solutions.

About portable spectrophotometers

Portable spectrophotometers are handheld devices used to measure color concentration in industries and the sciences.  This information is used to maintain consistencies in product production, test compounds in research labs, and even used in cosmetic medicine.  

Portable Spectrophotometer Applications

  • Manufacturing
  • Laboratory
  • Engineering
  • Medicine

Portable Spectrophotometer Manufacturers

  • Hach
  • HunterLab
  • JASCO, Inc.
  • Konica Minolta
  • X-Rite

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