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Photoionization Detectors (PIDs)s

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Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) Description

Before renting a PID be sure to consider the other types of OVAs.  Once you have determined that a PID is best for your testing needs, decide what you need to do with your data and if you need a handheld or larger device.

Features of photoionization detectors (pids)s

The PID you rent or lease from the KWIPPED network of suppliers will have intake and discharge ports, a display, and the internal features for operating the test.  The PID will also have a power source, usually a battery.  Some models come with the ability to connect to a computer for data storage and manipulation.

How photoionization detectors (pids)s work

To test an air or other gas sample PIDs send high-energy photons into the sample.  The photons break molecules in the sample into positively charged ions; this causes an electric current in the gas, which is measured to compute the amount of organic matter in the gas sample.  PIDs are usually handheld and can test continuously.  The testing done by PIDs does not destroy the sample allowing for further tests after using the PID.

About photoionization detectors (pids)s

Photoionization detectors (PIDs) are a type of organic vapor analyzer that measures the amount of organic matter in a gas.  PIDs are efficient and an inexpensive testing option.  They are used for safety and quality monitoring.

Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) Applications

  • Industry
  • Military
  • Workspace safety
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing

Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) Manufacturers

  • Buck Scientific
  • Draeger
  • RAE Systems
  • RKI Instruments

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