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Moisture Meters

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Moisture Meter Description

A moisture meter, as the name suggests, is a device designed to measure the amount of water, in a percentage, in any type of substance. They are useful for building applications, hobbies, industrial applications, and more. Knowing the percentage of water in a substance will let you know whether it is too wet or too dry, and it helps to reduce the possibility of problems. If you find that the results are anomalous, you can inspect the substance further and take steps to remedy the problem. They are most often used in woodworking projects.

Features of moisture meters

Whether you are an at-home woodworker, you work in a sawmill, a professional woodworking shop or any other profession where getting moisture readings is important, having the right moisture meter can make a big difference. There are a number of different styles of meter on the market and available for rental. Consider the type of measurements you need to take and the materials you need to measure. Then choose the meter that best fits those particular needs.

How moisture meters work

These are handheld devices capable of detecting moisture in wood, as well as behind and beneath wood, brick, carpeting, ceramic tile, through drywall, and on vinyl flooring. These elements are able of conducting an electrical signal. The meter becomes the signal generator after you place two pins onto the surface of the material you need to measure. The meter will then read the amount of resistance, which then provides the user with the percentage of moisture in the material.

Because the pins are generally very close together, when you have a large job, you will generally need to test in multiple locations. This will help you to get a better understanding of how much moisture there is, and it can help to isolate any potential issues where there is a larger percentage of water. The readout may be on an LCD screen or via a moving needle in the case of analog meters.

About moisture meters


Moisture Meter Manufacturers

You can choose from many different brands when looking for a moisture meter. Some of the top brands you may want to consider include GE, Protimeter, Extech, FLIR, and Testo.

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