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Electrical Resistivity Systems

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Electrical Resistivity System Description

Many electrical resistivity tomography machines and devices are readily available today, and you will find that they all work similarly. Some of the controls and features may differ between brands and models, but they all make the same types of measurements. They are easy to use, and most of the options are easily portable so you can take them with you when you are in the field without any trouble.

Check to see what types of features are available on the ones you are considering, and remember to check the size and weight. In addition, you will likely want to choose a device that can offer either 2D or 3D surveys, rather than the one-dimensional surveys of the past. They can still be useful, but they are not as accurate.

Features of electrical resistivity systems

While this technique has been around for around 100 years, the quality of the tools used in determining electrical resistivity have improved greatly in that time. It is possible to find machines that can provide 2D surveys, as well as 3D surveys of the ground. This can provide far more accurate information.

How electrical resistivity systems work

The purpose of the ERT is to measure the resistance in ohms, and to determine just how difficult, or easy, it is for a current of electricity to pass through a substance. It is possible to utilize alternating current or direct current for these tests. One of the things that is important to remember is that the measurements are dependent on the frequency being used, so you need to take care when you are using different techniques to collect the information.

Some of the common substances close to the surface include sulphide minerals, metallic oxides, and clay. These tend to allow an electrical current to pass through them with relative ease. More fluid in the material can alter just how conductive it is, though, which makes these tests very important.

About electrical resistivity systems

ERT, or electrical resistivity tomography is a type of geophysics method that measures the ground surface as a means to measure the resistivity distribution. The data from the machines is then collected through the machine.

Electrical Resistivity System Manufacturers

Manufacturers that make ERT equipment today include PASI, SuperString, GeoMatrix, and Myron L. You should have no trouble finding high quality machines that will help you in your environmental testing work.

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