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Dust Monitors

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Dust Monitor Description

Considerations for dust monitor rental or lease include size, use location, sampling rate, and data storage.  The location where you would like to test the air will determine the size; portability could be a main factor.  If your environment is changing you may want a continuous sample rate.  An intervallic sample rate may be more useful to monitor over a longer period of time.  Data storage or compatibility with a computer will help operate an dust monitor remotely.

Features of dust monitors

Dust monitors come in a wide range of sizes.  Personal and handheld monitors are used to measure the space surrounding the operator or taken out into the field.  Large models are erected in one place to measure a large area at once.  The smaller monitors are battery powered for portability.  Dust monitors of all sizes are available from the KWIPPED network of suppliers.
Controls near the display on the monitor allow the operator to calibrate the device and set the sample rate.  Dust monitors are available with continuous or intervallic sample rates.  Some models also are capable of storing data or connecting to a computer.

How dust monitors work

Dust monitors draw an air sample into the device and past a particle sensor.  This particle sensor is most often a photo detector.  A laser light is shone through the sample and the sensor measures the light scattered by the particles in the air sample.  The measurements are displayed on a screen on the front of the unit.  When the air sample is drawn into the device it is surrounded by a clean sheath of air; this keeps the particles in the aerosol from sticking inside the monitor.

About dust monitors

Dust monitors, also called aerosol monitors, nephelometers, or light scattering laser photometers, are used to measure the amount of particles in the air.  Aerosols are fine solids or liquid particles suspended in a gas, usually in the air.  Some aerosols occur naturally such as fog, others are artificially created like dust, smoke, and other pollutants, and a third group of aerosols are technologically created like pesticides or respiratory medications.  

Dust Monitor Applications

  • Engineering
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Occupational

Dust Monitor Manufacturers

  • Dusttrak
  • Ecotech
  • Sensidyne
  • TSI, Inc.

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