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Air Strippers

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Features of air strippers

While air strippers that come from different manufacturers will certainly have some different features, they tend to work similarly and have a number of the same features. They may be made from steel, PVS, FRP and similar high quality materials. They have full instrumentation controls to make using the system and integrating it as simple as possible. They tend to be easy to operate and to keep clean as well. Keeping the systems clean is important to ensure they work properly, as a buildup of fungi or bacteria could cause issues. The air strippers come in tower units that can vary in size.

How air strippers work

An air stripper's system will remove the volatile gaseous compounds that have been dissolved in water. The system will then transfer those compounds to an air stream, allowing the clean water to be drained or sent to a sump pump as needed. In addition, many choose to use air scrubbers as well to clean the air before allowing it back into the atmosphere. Some of the compounds that an air stripper can help to remove include benzene, tolulene, PCE, TCE, DCE, MTBE, and ammonia. They are also useful for removing contaminants that result from petroleum.

About air strippers

An air stripper can be a fantastic option for those companies that are searching for equipment to help with dual phase extraction, dewatering, and hot spot remediation. These systems will transfer volatile compounds from liquid to an air stream, and they are often used to help purify groundwater and wastewater.

Air Stripper Applications

  • Groundwater and wastewater
  • Water treatment plants
  • Oil industry

Air Stripper Manufacturers

  • Layne
  • Monroe Environmental
  • Delta

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