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Aerosol Monitor Description

Another name for an aerosol monitor is a dust monitor or particulate monitor. They are used as a means to measure a variety of different types of particulates in the environment. This includes smoke, mist, fume, dust, fog, and condensates. Many of the monitors available are capable of offering real-time results. The goal is to monitor the air quality in indoor areas, such as workspaces, as well as outdoor areas, including “environmental fugitive emissions monitoring”.

Features of aerosol monitors

The first thing to consider when choosing one of these monitors is how and where you will be using it. Are you in need of a large unit that is stationary, or do you need to have a small personal unit that can be taken with you into different locations? In addition, consider the type of particulates you need to monitor and choose a device that is capable of providing that information. There are monitors available for nearly every application and environment, so you should be able to find several units from which you can choose.

How aerosol monitors work

Many of the aerosol monitors are able to measure the mass and the size fraction, giving the user all of the information needed to determine the amount of particulates in the air. Monitor and analysis can be available in the same instrument. They are available in a number of different sizes including handheld options. Because there are so many different sizes and styles available, the exact features will vary between the models.

About aerosol monitors


Aerosol Monitor Applications

The monitors are useful for a number of different indoor and outdoor applications. These include ambient monitoring, work area monitoring, dust monitoring, personal exposure monitoring, HVAC and LEV monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, and more. They are helpful for determining the air quality and particulate levels in many different types of environments. With one or more of these monitors, it will be possible to make any adjustments needed for safety within those environments. For example, high levels of dust or other particulates would necessitate that people working in those areas have adequate protection.

Aerosol Monitor Manufacturers

There are many different companies offering aerosol monitors today. Some popular brands include M&G Analyzer Systems, Sensidyne, and Pine.

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