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Man Portable Drill Rigs

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Man Portable Drill Rig Description

Even though these are small rigs, you will still want to consider the overall weight when you are choosing those that you want to lease or rent. Consider all of the key features, including whether they are pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric, as well as how and where you will be using the rigs.

Features of man portable drill rigs

These types of units are generally quite compact compared to the other options in this field, but despite their size, they are still able to utilize all of the current drilling methods with ease. They are relatively easy to move with manpower alone, and the tires that are generally attached to the machines are durable and able to maneuver over many different types of terrain without much trouble. For those who may need to go a long distance with the rig, and where the terrain is unfavorable, you will be happy to know that many of these rigs are helicopter portable, as well.


How man portable drill rigs work

The man portable drill rigs are easy to get where you need to go, and they tend to be a cost effective option for most operations. They are still quite powerful, but their reduced size and weight will make them far more flexible and convenient when it comes to getting into certain areas.

About man portable drill rigs

Most of the time, people imagine drill rigs to be large, heavy pieces of equipment that need to be moved by machine. While this might often be the case, there are also options for those who may have much smaller operations. The man portable drill rigs can be an excellent way to provide just what you need for auger, mud, or air drilling.

Man Portable Drill Rig Manufacturers

Popular manufacturers who are making these rigs today include Hammer Drilling Rigs, Indo Drill, and Bundok Drilling.

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