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Features of drilling tongs

The tongs can be used for other parts of the operation, as well. Power tongs are those that are powered by hydraulics or pneumatics. Tubing tongs can be powered pneumatically or with hydraulics, or even by manual power. Some of the other types of tongs that are used in these operations include spinning chain tongs, casing tongs, power rod tongs, chisel tongs, chain tongs, and Webb-Wilson tongs.

How drilling tongs work

It is important to note that you need to have sets of tongs used in opposition to one another. This means one set of the tongs will be tied with a cable, or a chain, to the derrick. The second set of tongs will be pulled using mechanical catheads. The tongs that are helping to loosen the drill string are called the breakout tongs, while tongs that are tightening the drill string are called makeup tongs.

About drilling tongs

For large drilling projects, such as working on an oil drilling rig, you are going to need to have a range of equipment to do the job right. One of the pieces of equipment you need are drilling tongs. These tongs are essentially very large wrenches that are self-locking. They are used to grab onto the drill string elements and provide torque.

Drilling Tong Manufacturers

A range of manufacturers make these tongs, including Tianhe Drilling Tools & Machinery Co. Ltd., Henan Shi Wen Trade Co. Ltd., and Chengdu Derbo Steel Co. Ltd.

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