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Drilling Elevators

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Drilling Elevator Description

When you are considering the various drilling elevator options, the first thing you need to do is consider the type of work you are doing to make sure you are renting or leasing the correct elevator. You will have a range of options, and one of the main factors you will want to consider is the size. You also need to make sure that you have a team of people in place who know and understand these drilling elevators, as they can be hazardous to those who are not careful and who do not have proper training.

About drilling elevators

​In the drilling industry, there is often a need to lower different types of equipment, such as a drill pipe, down into a wellbore or back out of the wellbore depending on the circumstances. The tool used for this is called an elevator, which is a type of hinged mechanism that will facilitate the raising and lowering as needed. When the elevator is in the closed position, it’s arms are clasped together, which will form a load bearing ring. When it is open, the elevator’s hinged pieces will separate and move away from the equipment that is being raised or lowered.

Drilling Elevator Manufacturers

Today, you will find a range of companies that can make these drilling elevators for the gas and oil industry and other fields that may need them. Some of the manufacturers include Ensco, Naigai Tans Line, Ltd., China Petroleum Technology, Noble Drilling Services, Chevron, and Helix Energy Solutions.

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