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Jib Cranes

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Jib Crane Description

When renting or leasing this piece of equipment, you want to consider where it will be used, and which type of crane will make the most sense for your space. You will also want to know exactly how much the crane can hold, so you do not overload it.

Features of jib cranes

Depending on how the jib is mounted, this will provide workers with the capability to move the materials in a complete circle, or a half circle. One of the benefits of choosing a jib crane that is mounted to the wall or a pillar is the fact that it will not take up any floor space, which may be valuable in your building. In addition, it will not require a foundation or any footings. They tend to have a nice amount of clearance for the boom, and many of them can be folded when they are not in use.

However, there are some benefits to the free-standing jib crane, as well. These will require that you have a good foundation and footings on which they can be based. One of the big benefits to using this type of jib crane is that you can put them in different locations without being concerned about how close a wall or pillar might be. They also tend to have a much greater range.

About jib cranes

A jib crane is a piece of equipment used for material handling that features a large, single horizontal boom. This boom will generally be attached to a wall, but it could also be attached to a pillar if one is available and strong enough to support it. There are also free-standing models. The boom will have a hoist attached to it, which lets the worker then lift or lower large loads relatively easily.

Jib Crane Manufacturers

Some of the companies making these cranes today include Gorbel, Brehob Corporation, Facilities Engineering, and HSI.

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