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Crawler Crane Description

When it comes time to rent or lease a crawler crane, you will find that most of the options available will work very similarly and have many of the same features. However, you do still need to check for any specific features that you might require.

You should also consider the lifting power you need and make sure the crane you are renting can handle it.

In addition to the features and options, you also need to think about the tracks. These could take up more space than cranes that have rubber wheels, and you need to be certain it will work in the area where you are completing your project. Do you have enough room? Some cranes are so large that they may need to be taken apart after a job and then put back together on another job site.

While the cranes handle similarly, you may find that they behave somewhat differently while on tracks. Make sure you have someone onsite who is capable of handling the machine.

How crawler cranes work

The crawler crane has many parts including the tracks and the propulsion system. These tend to be the most important parts of the machine. The engine sits atop the tracks, which has a cab and control area. The boom features cables, which help to lift whatever object you might need to pick up. Because of the way the cranes are designed, they tend to have a lot of power and they can lift very heavy weights without worry about toppling.

You will find that crawler cranes of various sizes tend to have the same parts, as well as very similar controls.

About crawler cranes

A crawler crane is a vehicle that sits on a track and has a crane attached to it. One of the biggest benefits of this piece of equipment is that it will allow the use of a crane even on soft ground. The tracks will help to disperse the weight of the vehicle, so it does not sink. In addition, the crawler crane tends to have more stability thanks to the steel tracks.

Crawler Crane Manufacturers

Many companies today manufacture crawler cranes. Some of the top brands you might want to consider include XCMG, SANY, Senebogen, Soilmec, Metso, Kobelco, GGR Group, Liebherr, Link Belt Cranes, IHI, Mammoet, and Bauer. These are just some of the manufacturers working with these types of cranes today.

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