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Features of cook and hold / thermalizer ovens

These types of ovens can help to make your life quite a bit easier. It can save time and money. Some of the ovens are designed to work overnight, and due to the way that they work, they can reduce meat shrinkage, which can keep the meat even juicier than when cooking with a convection oven.

The oven can be used to do far more than just cook meat, however. Chefs will find that they can use it to prepare stock, dry fruit, clarify butter, cook casseroles, and so much more. They can be a find addition to any kitchen.

About cook and hold / thermalizer ovens

A nice option for many restaurants would be to use a cook and hold oven, or a thermalizer oven. This is a type of oven that has the ability to cook food for a preset time and at a preset temperature, and then reduce the heat, and even adjust the humidity, to ensure the food can be kept for a long time and still remain tasty. The most common use for this is with roasted meat, but it can work for other types of food, as well.

Cook and Hold / Thermalizer Oven Manufacturers

Some of the best known manufacturers of the cook and hold oven include Alto-Shaam, Winston, Vulcan, and Cres Cor.

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