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Inflatable Movie Screens

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Inflatable Movie Screen Description

Do you want to do something really special for your next event? If you’re going to be holding an outdoor event, it might be fun to cap off the day with a movie after the sun goes down. One of the ways that you can watch a movie outdoors so everybody can see it is with an inflatable movie screen.

With these screens, you can show movies, photos, and just about anything else. It works similarly to a projection television. You will project the images onto the screen and everybody watches, simple as that.

Features of inflatable movie screens

The basics of the screen are the same, regardless of which one you choose. The biggest difference is going to be the size. There are a number of different sizes of screen available. One of the most common configurations is the 7’ x 12’ variety.

In addition to the screen itself, you need to make sure you have a method of putting air into the inflatable screen. They will often have a generator, or you will need to rent or lease a generator. For the most part, they will go up quickly and easily and you will not have a problem. Once it is up, simply point the projector at the screen and go.

The size, as already mentioned, is going to be the most important factor when you are renting your inflatable movie screens. You need to make sure that you choose a size that is going to be large enough for everybody at the event to see.

Please keep in mind that when you rent or lease one of these screens, you are certainly going to need more than just the screen to show the movie. You also have to have a projector. In addition to the projector, you may need to have methods of getting the sound amplified loud enough so that everybody watching the movie is able to hear it clearly.

This means that you will need to have this additional equipment on hand. In some cases, people may already own the equipment for their own projections in house. Otherwise, it is possible to rent or lease it.


Inflatable Movie Screen Manufacturers

These have become very popular lately, and there are a number of companies that are making indoor and outdoor inflatable movie screens. Some of the companies offering these types of screens include Sima, Open Air Cinema, Air Blown, Ashine Amusement Equipment, Yard Inflatable Manufacturer, and Forever Inflatable Company.

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