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There are many types of touch screen monitors. They are easy to use and setup and can add an extra “touch” to any event.  Screens are manipulated by panning, dragging, flicking, pressing, or swiping fingers or a stylus. Most screens have the capability for single or multi-touch gestures.

Know the type of touch screen you need

In general, there are 3-4 common types of touch screen monitors. These include resistive touch, capacitive, surface acoustic wave (SAW), and infrared (IR) monitors.

Resistive Touch
Resistive touch touch screen monitors are the most common touch screens used today. If you need a basic touch screen monitor, a resistive touch will work in most scenarios. They have low power consumption, but sharp objects can puncture their screens. The main components of a resistive touch monitor include a thin resistive layer of metal that are conductive. A glass layer sits on top of the metal resistive layer. When a user touches the screen, the device detects a change in voltage from the electrical flow generated from the metal layer.

Capacitive Touch Screen Monitors
Capacitive touch screen monitors store continuous electrical current on top of the glass panel of the monitor. There are 2 types of capacitive touch screens: surface and projected. These types of screens are for point-of-sale systems, as they are durable and have greater endurance than resistive touch screen monitors. Capacitive screens are coated with indium tin oxide which provides a continuous current across the screen. A major difference between resistive and capacitive touch screens, is that when a finger touches the screen some electrical charge transfers to the user. Surface capacitive screens cannot be manipulated by a user wearing gloves, though projected capacitive screens can be. The reason is because the projected has embedded transparent electrode films alongside an IC chip. This creates a 3D electrostatic field. When deciding to rent, be aware that capacitive touch screens are sensitive to dust or other particles.

Surface Acoustic Wave Monitors
Surface acoustic wave monitors (SAW), create ultrasonic waves on the surface. When the user touches the screen, a portion of the wave is absorbed. Transducers and reflectors are used to create the seamless touch action. SAW touch screens are more responsive than the standard touch screen monitor. These types of screens are very durable and are often used in high-traffic situations. Another advantage is the clarity of image the screen projects. They are a little more money than the standard resistive touch, but well worth the investment.

Other types of monitors
Infrared monitors (IR) are becoming more popular. IR monitors have the highest quality image and are durable. They have an unlimited life-span, but are sensitive to dust and water. One disadvantage of these IR monitor is the cost. If you are looking to rent the best image clarity and have a large budget, an IR monitor might fit your needs.

Know the features you need
Some other features to consider before renting a touch screen:

Clarity: If image clarify is important to you, consider renting an infrared (IR) monitor.
Finger, stylus, or gloved hand touch: Before renting determine the type of touch activation. If you need to rent a touch screen monitor that only permits bare finger touch, a projected capacitive or SAW touch monitor are good options.
Screen size: Consider the screen size before renting. Common touch monitor screen sizes include 15”-19”, but are available up to 4” to 52.”
Technology interface: Make sure the touch screen monitor you are renting has the proper interface type for your computing system. Most have RS-232- and USB.
Size: Consider the dimensions, weight, and general space needed to operate the device. Always measure the room needed to properly use the touch screen comfortably.

Common manufacturers:
Common manufacturers of touch screen monitors include: Elo Touch Solutions, Plannar, Pioneer POS, LG, and ViewSonic.

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