There’s an Uber for biotech lab equipment

Scientist with dropper working  at the laboratory

Biotech laboratory equipment rental

Uber connects people that need rides with drivers offering rides. Airbnb connects people looking for a place to stay with homeowners with rooms available for rent.

And now… there’s a new B2B website, KWIPPED, that connects biotech companies and researchers that need specialized laboratory equipment with a global network of pre-sourced suppliers that have all kinds of lab equipment available for rent.

The platform enables biotech companies to quickly search and locate virtually any type of lab equipment, compare prices and options from multiple suppliers and schedule the rental—all on a single website with a few mouse clicks.

Top 5 reasons biotech companies rent lab equipment

  1. Too expensive to purchase.

  2. Short-term, one off projects.

  3. Temporary replacement for equipment being serviced or repaired.

  4. Try out different models before committing to a large purchase.

  5. Contract work that allows rental costs to be passed on to client.

KWIPPED makes it easy and efficient to rent lab equipment so biotech companies can focus on getting work done.

Learn more at www.kwipped/com

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