KWIPPED Tip: Renting a Construction Laser

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KWIPPED Tip: Renting a Construction Laser



Construction lasers, commonly referred to as construction laser levels, are used for plumbing, excavation work, construction, concrete leveling, and more. Before renting a construction laser, determine your application of the device. Depending on your usage–especially if your job is indoors or outdoors– you will need a different type of laser.

Know the type of construction level you will need.

There are multiple types of construction levels, but the following list is a few of the more common types available to rent. They are classified according to how they emit their laser:

Pump/Dot Lasers

A single or multiple dot is emitted through this type of laser. These types of construction lasers are commonly used for alignment. Depending on model, the dot laser can be used for either indoor or outdoor aligning, but indoor is more common.

Line Level Lasers

Line levels are commonly used for ceilings or wall work. They straighten interior structures or designs. These types of levels emit multiple types of lines or patterns. Common applications include indoor aligning.

Rotary Lasers

Commonly used in large construction projects, the rotary laser is able to handle large work surfaces that require a 360 degree measurement range. Common applications include outdoor work, laying foundations, laying pipe or grading roads.

Pipe Lasers

Like the dot laser, the pipe laser emits a single dot. Pipe lasers include a clamp on one reverse side to help with stability.

Some things to consider before renting a construction laser:

– Will you be using the laser indoors or outdoors?
– What strength does the laser need to be emitted?
– Do you needed added functionality such as Bluetooth or integration with software programs?
– Do you need a self-leveling construction laser?

Common manufacturers:

Common manufacturers of construction levels include: Acculine Pro, CST/Berger, Stanley Tools
Pacific Laser Systems, Johnson Level, Northwest Instrument Laser Levels



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