KWIPPED TIP: Renting an autoclave

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Renting an Autoclave? Check out these KWIPPED tips first.

An autoclave can be used for a variety of reasons. The most common are found in medical, laboratory, surgical, and any place that needs on-demand sterilization. An autoclave’s primary function is to kill bacteria on a chosen specimen. This is done through the application of high heat, steam, and pressure. Most autoclaves have pressurized steam that reaches upwards of (270˚ F, 30 psi). If you are using an autoclave for the first time, make sure to read the owners manual before beginning to use.

What features should I consider when renting an autoclave?
Knowing the application for your autoclave is the first step to determining what features you need. There are a handful of different types of autoclaves including gravity displacement, positive pressure displacement, negative pressure displacement, and triple vacuum models. If you need a very accurate device, the negative pressure displacement autoclave is your best option. The device operates by releasing steam into it the sterilization chamber once all the air has been removed. These systems can be quite expensive and large. If you need a standard autoclave, consider renting the triple vacuum autoclave model. This model is suitable for most applications, and is quite versatile. The triple vacuum works by pumping three pulses of steam once the chamber has been removed of air.

Know your type.
There are two “types” of autoclave classifications available: N and B. Type N autoclaves do not use a vacuum pump to extract the air out of the sterilization chamber. These types of autoclaves are most suitable for specific types of specimens including solid or unwrapped instruments. Type B autoclaves use a vacuum pump to extract air from the sterilization chamber, therefore wrapped, and hollow specimens can be used.

Other considerations.
Before renting an autoclave, consider the amount of space you have. Sizes of autoclaves vary, but most table top versions have an average size of 6″ 15.24 cm diameter by 14″ 35.56 cm deep, to 15″ 38.1 cm diameter by 26″ 66.04 cm. deep. The negative pressure displacement autoclave, though the most accurate of autoclaves, tends to take the most space. If you need a clear monitor face, be sure to request an autoclave with a large LED Display.

Autoclave Safety.
Due to the extreme heat of the device, users should be sure to take all safety protocols during usage. These precautions include:

  • Firmly locking the autoclave door before usage
  • Checking your equipment for safety interlocks to prohibit random door openings
  • Not touching unshielded exterior components during and after sterilization, and
  • Using heat resistant gloves after sterilizing your specimen.

Common manufacturers:
Common manufacturers of anesthesia machines include Tuttnauer, Midmark, Panasonic, Promotal, Stern, Weber, Prestige, and Nova.



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