KWIPPED Tip: Renting a Data Collector

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rent a data collector

Renting a data collector

Data collectors have evolved a great deal since the early 1980s. They are commonly used in mapping property or collecting precise measurements. When choosing which data collector to rent, you must take into consideration what features you need to effectively complete the job. Some common points to consider include how easily the data collector synchronizes with other devices, the software available, as well as the user interface.

Connectivity with other devices

One of the more recent additions to the data collector, is the ability to connect with other digital devices such as smart phones, laptops, and computers. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities allow connections between data collectors and a number of different devices, but also with other surveying tools such as GPS receivers and total stations. Most data collectors have both features. Some data collectors, like the Trimble Yuma 1, even advertise themselves as an all-in-one computer solution.


Possibly the most important feature of any data collector is the software it runs. Before renting a data collector, be sure the software it ships with is compatible with what you already are using. Most data collectors come with different versions of the Windows operating systems.


Data Collectors have a variety of display sizes and configurations. Depending on the device you choose, the interface might be in full color. Many come with a touch screen or stylus to control the device. Depending on where you plan to use the data collector, you might want to ensure the device has a backlight, readable screen.