Meyer Instruments, Microscopy Solutions Expert, Joins the KWIPPED Supplier Network

Wilmington, NC; April 27, 2015 – Meyer Instruments, a specialist in digital imaging systems for microscopy, has joined the KWIPPED supplier network (@KWIPPED_com).  Based out of Houston, Texas, Meyer Instruments has almost 30 years of experience in the imaging industry.  They are known for their cutting-edge microscopes, stereomicroscopes, surgical microscopes, and digital microscopes. Their inventory includes their own line of microscopes as well: Realtime Telepathology Imaging System ™, (RTIS ™), the PathScan Enabler IV ™, the Prelude II ™ light source, and In-Focus Automation ™.   In addition to renting microscopes, they offer imaging software for all biomedical, industrial and surgical applications.  Meyer Instruments’ decades of experience in digital imaging systems solutions, inventory of microscopes, and top-notch service make them a great addition to the KWIPPED supplier network.


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