KWIPPED’s Equipment Rental Marketplace Provides an Ongoing Solution for Plano Surgical Hospital

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Most surgical procedures require some degree of recovery time. Frequently, the preferred location for surgical recovery is at home where patients are more comfortable and can avoid unnecessary hospital costs. However, recovery from certain surgeries require the use of various types of medical equipment, like patient monitors and feeding tubes. Since medical equipment is typically very expensive to purchase, equipment rental offers an affordable way to meet a temporary need like in-home surgical recovery.


Sourcing Challenge:

Dawn King is a Registered Nurse and Case Manager at Plano Surgical Hospital (Plano, TX). One of her many responsibilities is to ensure that patients who require in-home post-surgery recovery have, and are properly trained on, the equipment necessary to support their recovery.

“We need to rent all kinds of specialized equipment for in-home care – and finding the right equipment available for rent is always a frustrating and time consuming task. And when we can’t find it, our patients are forced to stay in the hospital, which can be very expensive and inconvenient,” said King

Recently, while searching for enteral feeding pumps for a patient, King once again experienced the hassles of locating and renting medical equipment.

“I spent almost all day and talked to at least a dozen different Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies trying to find the feeding pumps we needed to rent. I was just about to give up when I found


Medical Equipment Rental Solution:

KWIPPED is an online equipment rental marketplace designed to make it easy and efficient for organizations to locate and rent specialized medical equipment from a pre-sourced network of qualified suppliers. Renters visit to request the equipment they need – and the KWIPPED platform matches the rental needs with multiple suppliers that can meet those needs.

King commented, “KWIPPED is so efficient and made the whole process so much easier. I submitted a request and in minutes one of KWIPPED’s suppliers, Peak Medical, responded with exactly what we needed. We got the pumps the next day.

Since that initial rental, Plano Surgical Hospital has become a repeat KWIPPED user.

“KWIPPED is an awesome tool and will be our go-to resource for renting equipment from now on,” said King. KWIPPED is different.