KWIPPED’s Equipment Rental Marketplace Offers Supplemental Vehicle for KenQuest Medical Equipment Rentals


Established in 1985 in Irvine, California, and currently headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, KenQuest is known in the medical industry for providing high quality, guaranteed, new and pre-owned medical equipment at a ordable prices. Over three decades, KenQuest has also built a reputation for highly personalized service tailored to unique client needs. Today, KenQuest is one of the nation’s largest independent retailers of new and refurbished medical equipment, o ering a wide array of inventory from leading brands, like: GE, Philips, Ziehm, Siemens, SonoScape, GEMMS and many others.

Market Challenge:

While KenQuest’s healthy equipment rental program already accounts for roughly 20% of their revenue, they are proactively looking for ways to increase rentals.

“If our inventory isn’t being sold, we’d much rather have it rented than sitting idle and depreciating in the warehouse. Inventory utilization is very important to us – and the biggest obstacle to utilization is creating awareness of rental offerings,” explained KenQuest President, Gary Darnell.

Marketplace Solution:

KWIPPED is an online equipment rental marketplace designed to make it easy and efficient for organizations to locate and rent specialized medical and lab equipment from a pre-sourced network of qualified suppliers. Renters visit to request the equipment they need – and the KWIPPED platform matches the rental needs with suppliers that can meet those needs.

KWIPPED identified KenQuest Medical as a highly qualified supplier prospect and invited them to join the KWIPPED Supplier Network. With no cost to register or to list equipment inventory on KWIPPED’s marketplace, KenQuest realized there was no risk to them – and since they had nothing to lose, they signed on.

According to Mr. Darnell, “KWIPPED provides a supplemental vehicle for KenQuest Medical to obtain rentals. We have been impressed with the site construction, as well as the diligent follow-up by the account managers. KenQuest Medical already has great SEO rankings and with the addition of KWIPPED we double our exposure.”

“They’ve designed an impressive, high quality website that’s
very easy to use and is already bringing additional awareness to our rental program.”

First Rental

January 2016

Total Rentals


Total Rental $



Benefit Summary

  • Supplement their existing rental program with additional rental opportunities
  • Increase online visibility by bene tting from KWIPPED’s SEO rankings
  • Expand awareness of our rental program to new customers
  • Increase equipment investment returns by activating utilization of idle equipment
  • Strengthen relationships with manufacturer partners by purchasing additional inventory to meet growing rental demand

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