KWIPPED TIP: Renting a Network Analyzer

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kwipped tip renting a network analyzer

KWIPPED Tip: Network Analyzer


Determine if you need a network analyzer

Network analyzers measure the parameters of electrical networks. If you have issues with non-functioning devices or have experienced security breaches, you might consider renting a network analyzer to measure your parameters. Network analyzers are typically used in specific industries so as communications, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.

How network analyzers work

Network analyzers test parameters—usually “s” parameters– of an electrical network. The parameters measured describe the electromagnetic waves traveling through the network. A network analyzer will measure how the electromagnetic waves travel in the network to see if it changes in any point.

Network analyzer components

In general, a network analyzer has four important components: Signal generator, test set, receiver, and a processor that connects to a display. A test signal is generated through the signal generator, which is routed through the network. The receiver then gathers measurements and interperpates them onto a display or screen for the operator. The receiver can also send measurements to a computer for further analysis.

Depending on your application you will need either a VNA (vector network analyzer) or SNA (scalar network analyzer). Knowing the difference between the two is very important when deciding what unit to rent.

There are two types of network analyzers available: VNA and SNA

In general, VNAs are more common because the measure both amplitude and phase, where SNAs only measure amplitude. There are specialty network analyzers that are special built depending on the application.

Calibrating a network analyzer

Network analyzers need to be calibrated at least once a year to stay accurate. Like other electronic test equipment, network analyzers rely on frequent calibration to ensure accuracy of information. Before renting a network analyzer, ask your specific KWIPPED supplier when the last time the network analyzer was calibrated.


Network analyzer manufacturers include Agilent, Auritsu, Keysight, and Rohde & Schwarz.