Featured Supplier: Vitl

Vitl lab equipmentVitl got its start nearly two decades ago. Vitl is a brand of Integrated Technologies LTd., a firm which develops and manufacturers medical devices and laboratory instrumentation. Founded in the UK, Integrated Technologies began working with a company named Abgene to create the ALPS 25 microplate heat sealer. As time went on, the team at Integrated Technologies realized there were ways to improve the heat sealer. Considerable time and money was spent in R&D, and eventually a successor to the original ALPS unit was born. Abgene, now a part of ThermoFisher Scientific, didn’t need the upgraded unit and Vitl was created to market and sell the new device.

Vitl came into existence with its own R&D team, as well as sales teams in the UK, the US and China. Today, Vitl continues to work out of the ITL offices, and has created a number of new products, including:

  • Ther-Mix
  • Flexi-Therm
  • Co-Mix
  • Heated Modules

Vitl has grown from what might be considered a side project for ITL to providing 10% of the parent company’s turnover. Key ingredients in the brand’s success include uncontested quality of each product, as well as the vision needed to create innovative features and market-leading performance. They don’t mass produce simple items – the company creates products that will stand the test of time. Global sales and a willingness to continue expanding into new markets also bolsters success.

The brand also stands out from the crowd due to their history and heritage – they’re perhaps the only laboratory product brands born from a medical device manufacturer.

Of course, the team at Vitl isn’t content to manage the status quo. Their goal is to eventually become more than just a brand, and see Vitl grow into a standalone company in its own right that would offer laboratories an alternative to the industry’s largest brands without having to compromise on quality.

Vitl is another example of the type of high quality supplier that customers can expect to find when renting equipment on KWIPPED.